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    Default Nexus 5 stuck in fastboot mode thing

    When I try to start the device normally it gets stuck on the loading screen with the animation.

    I go into that bootloader mode and try to restore it to wipe/restore it to factory settings but I get this:

    I must have f**cked something up when trying to root the idea what I've done and I have no idea why wiping the data isn't working.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Nexus 5 stuck in fastboot mode thing

    Could be the flash memory of the phone fail, or you just need to format the cache partition:
    fastboot erase cache
    then format it to make it usable: fastboot format cache

    If that don't work, try to manually erase all the partitions and reflash factory image. Use this guide, follow step 5 to erase the partitions, but use this driver and Nexus 5 image instead of the ones for the Nexus 4:
    [GUIDE] Nexus 4 - Factory Image Restore

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    Default Re: Nexus 5 stuck in fastboot mode thing

    yes you are right

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