1. I use a Panasonic home phone system (DECT KX-TG78) that has 'Link-to-Cell.' It used to alert me when ever I would get a text. Since the 4.4 update, that has quit working. I used to be able to leave the phone in one place and not worry about missing an important text message. Now I have to carry the phone in my pocket all the time. Phone calls via Bluetooth still work over the Panasonic home phone ok. My girlfriend's iPhone 5 still text alerts over the Panasonic phone, so I know that the problem is not with the Panasonic phone. Also, when I look at the bluetooth pairing of my MAXX to the DECT KX-TG78, both "Phone Audio" & "Message Access - connected to map" show as checked.

2. The Bluetooth connection in my car cuts in & out, seemingly randomly. With 4.2 that never happened. The streaming music over Bluetooth is working ok, though.

3. According to other reports on this forum, PDAnet+ does not work with 4.4. I really, really need this app when I'm traveling.

Anybody have any help........ suggestions??