About a month ago, I used my Nexus 7 (1st Gen model updated to KitKat) to take a photo with the (only) front cam by using the "take new profile picture" function . Not an ideal situation but but I was in a pinch. I think i took two pics this way and was dismayed that second seemed to overwrite/replace the first without the first being saved anywhere i could see. Unfortunately, despite the pull down settings and the linked local Google Plus contact card displaying the second picture, I can't locate it anywhere on my Nexus 7. I don't use syncing so I don't think it's been exported, and this is supported by the fact that my Google and Google Plus accounts still display a very old profile pic, even if I access them through the aforementioned contact card. But this is a digression, it was a special moment that I captured and I'd like to be able to use and share the pic in an album.
My previous couple of local profile pics can be found on my Internal Storage/ DCIM/ Camera folder, named ContactPhoto-IMG_20130408_etc and ContactPhoto-IMG_20131130_etc etc and thumbnails for them in the Thumbnails folder. But there is no sign of the current local profile pic in either folder.

Can anyone please tell me where I might find it?

It was taken only a few days (perhaps two weeks) after one of the old profile pics that I can find (taken on 30th Nov 2013), so I'm not sure why I can find that one and not the later one that is still in current use.
And I daren't change my profile pic in case I lose this current pic forever!

Thanks in advance.