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    Default Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification Sounds

    Hi all!

    I recently updated to Android 4.4 and have encountered a problem with setting custom notification sounds.

    Every time I want to set a custom notification I get this list of Samsung sounds to choose from, instead of being asked, for instance, where I want to find the sound.

    My friend, who has an LG G2 running Android 4.3 gets the following when he clicks on notification sound in Whatsapp:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification Sounds-whatsapp-g2.jpg

    Whereas I get this:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification Sounds-whatsapp-s4.jpg

    I then thought to install an app that controls all notification sounds, kind of like Lightflow does notification LEDs. I found MegaSound and tried that. Gave it permission, went in, tried to set a custom notification sound for Whatsapp and was shown the same list to choose from.

    Does anyone have any idea what on earth is going on? Before I updated I was able to choose a wma/mp3 sound from my files on my phone to use.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification Sounds

    Try Zedge. I use it for all my notification sounds/tones and wallpapers. Once I download a ringtone from there I have the option to choose from Samsung's sounds or to choose from Zedge. Interesting thing is that the Zedge tones I've downloaded now show up in the Samsung list. (I've got a G4 if that matters to you)
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification Sounds

    Your phone is opening up Media Storage by default. This is fairly easy to get back to the way your friend has it.

    1. Go into your settings
    2. Go into your Application Manager
    3. Scroll over to the "All" section
    4. Its in alphabetical order so scroll down to the M's and look for "Media Storage" and open it.
    5. Scroll down till you see the "Clear defaults" option and select that.

    When ever something asks you what action you would like to take, it will give you the app's that can do the action and 2 options. "Always" and "Just once"
    If you want that "Complete action using" screen to pop up, hit "Just once" and it will always pop up the next time.
    Hitting "Always" will tell your phone to not bring up that screen and go right to the application you selected.

    Also dancing-bass has a good suggestion. Zedge is an amazing app that allows you to download thousands of ringtones, notifications, wallpapers, and more.
    I would also suggest getting it.
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