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    Default Get directions - missing

    On my Galaxy S3 running 4.3, I could take a photo and if I had the GPS tags option enabled (it recorded the location obviously).
    I could then view the pics in gallery and then if I have the gps turned on I choose the get directions option and it would open google maps, and have the direction from my current location to the tags recorded in the picture.

    I cant seem to find this option on my Galaxy S5 running 4.4.2
    Has it been removed ?

    It will happily open google maps showing the location that the picture was taken but no facility to navigate to that location.
    I used to use this a lot, Is there a way to restore this or an app that will replace it, or to copy the coordinates to clipboard and drop them into google maps ?


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    Default Re: Get directions - missing

    If it opens it up in google maps (but doesn't seem to offer a convenient way to navigate to it) could you try tapping and holding on the point or near the point on the map, and navigating to it?
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    Default Re: Get directions - missing

    No tried that, but sorted the problem
    Downloaded an app called GPS Photo Viewer (Google Map) from the app store, does exactly what I need and more !
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    Default Re: Get directions - missing

    Good deal, thanks for sharing.

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