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    Default Question about Moto e and app installations

    I am currently a WP user from India . Moto e is launching in my country on the 13th of May . This phone comes with a 4gb internal memory .Please tell me is it possible to install apps in the memory card of the phone ? In windows its not possible thats why I dont know how android works .
    The phone comes with Android Kitkat 4.4 ..
    how is the phone as compared to Moto G ? any help will be appreciated
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    Default Re: Question about Moto e and app installations

    First, the Moto E isn't even confirmed yet. It is still a rumored device, though speculation leads many to believe that it will be announced on May 13th (announced, not released).

    Secondly, if the rumored specs turn out to be true, the Moto E will not have a SD card slot, meaning the 4GB of internal memory (minus whatever space the OS takes up) will be all you have to work with.
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    Default Re: Question about Moto e and app installations

    means can't install apps in Sd card ?

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