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    Default Hangout SMS thread sometimes goes to bottom of list (with wrong date listed)

    This isn't happening a lot, but it is happening enough to get me annoyed...

    There's about 4-5 people I msg via Hangouts SMS. Below those there are 4-5 that I infrequently contact.

    Sometimes one of the people that I txt a lot with will go missing from the top section of the list. I check Archived to see if I mistakenly archived them and can't find them. Then I remember of the bug and I go back to the main list, scroll all the way down to the end and there they are.

    The date listed on the right side is an old date, but if I open up the thread I clearly have more recent messages from them.

    One example: right now the last thread listed on my main Hangouts page has a date of "Mar 25". But if I open the thread one will see the last message was actually May 1st (and I many messages with them in May).

    This happened the other day with someone I txt a lot with. They vanished from the top section of the list, I scrolled down and found them at the very bottom with a date of "Nov 15" listed on the main page.

    Is this happening to anyone else? What is causing it??

    (Note: I only use Hangouts for SMS, I'm not currently logged into my google account.)

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