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    Default Play store notifications

    I've recently just switched over to Android after 5 years with Windows mobile & windows phone. Currently using the Sony Xperia Z1 compact on KitKat, and all is going great so far. But just one issue I am having with notifications from the play store. I have set apps to not auto-update themselves, but have chosen to be notified about updates in the system tray. Unfortunately, I dont seem to be receiving these notifications, even though when i click on 'my apps', I see several need updated.

    Is this normal? Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before the system notifies you of these updates?
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    Default Re: Play store notifications

    I see that too. I have auto update on but there are times I'll open the Play Store and have 5 apps to update.
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    Default Re: Play store notifications

    Yes, this is normal. Many updates pushed through the play store require user intervention before getting executed. Happens in most (won't say all, as I haven't used all) Android devices so nothing to worry about.
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    Default Re: Play store notifications

    You at also have the Facebook issue! Sometimes logging out of Facebook will solve this issue! If you use it that is.

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    Default Re: Play store notifications

    This happened with me a lot. Apps usually don't auto update until the network changes (ex. Connects to wifi or the phone reboots)

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