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    Default [ROM] [4.4] [KRT16M] A taste of KitKat [Alpha]

    Hi guys,

    here is a 4.4 AOSP build for Maguro

    It is smooth and has a good performance, but some things are not working:

    -Graphic glitches (Rotation, Lock)

    Download: Download
    Mirror: KeinBernd

    Gapps: from dhacker
    does not work? try this from Paranoid Android

    Do not complain about the bugs and do not ask how to fix them

    This comes with a custom kernel more informations here: https://github.com/Grarak/grakernel-tuna

    Based on AOSP Tuna Linux Kernel 3.0.101
    Built with Linaro Toolchain 4.7.4 by Christopher83 & -O3 optimization
    Governor (Hyper, Interactive, Ondemand)
    I/O - Scheduler (noop, deadline, sio, cfq)
    LZ4 compression
    Android OOM - killer
    Color Control
    Gamma Control
    Fsync Control
    USB Fast Charge
    Custom Voltage Control
    Undervolting support (Min 180 MHz)
    Init.d Support
    Crypto Modules


    08 Nov:
    GraKernel 0.3
    Crypto AES_ARM
    Crypto SHA1_ARM

    Latest AOSP source

    02 Nov:
    use device tree from SlimRoms (Device tree)
    fix sensors and camera
    fix wifi
    fix some graphic glitches

    01 Nov:
    Initial Release

    Jijonhyuni Wifi fix
    steven676 Surfaceflinger patches

    Want root?

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