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    Since I updated to the new Android 7.0 last night my Play Store just opens a blank white screen. Can't update apps, can't download apps, and can't access anything since it just a white screen. Help!
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    04-16-2017 06:20 AM
  2. Sanjeev Mishra1's Avatar
    Not only that, but none of my Google apps are working correctly after this update! My Gmail won't sync, nor will my Calendar. The app store one is especially frustrating because I can't check for updates.

    Hoping for a quick fix soon!!
    04-16-2017 03:55 PM
  3. Ashton Huff's Avatar
    I have a solution, but only for Metro PCS. Go to settings, click more, go to cellular networks. Click access point names. Click the + button on the top right of the screen to add another access point. Change the name to whatever you like. Change APN to fast .metropcs .com (no spaces)
    Scroll down to mmsc. Change that to https ://metropcs. mmsmvno .com/mms/wapenc (no spaces) . After that click the three dots on the top right of the screen. Click save, then when you get back to the access point names choose the one you just made. Let your 4g LTE signal refresh then Walla!!!! Downloads from play store are no longer stuck at downloading/ pending
    04-17-2017 09:33 PM
  4. Ashton Huff's Avatar
    When this works and you want to spread the word please give me credit. Thanks
    04-17-2017 09:35 PM
  5. Ashton Huff's Avatar
    I have a working solution for all metro pcs customers. Go to settings, click more. Go to access point names. Make a new one. Click name make it whatever name you want. Change APN to fast .metropcs .com.
    (no spaces). Scroll down to mmsc change that to https://metropcs .mmsmvno .com/mms/wapenc.
    (No spaces)
    Save the access point then select that access point to use. Then Walla!!!! No more play store downloading issues. Spread the word but give credit THANKS
    04-17-2017 09:40 PM

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