Hello everybody, I just build Anfo widget! I think it can be usefull, so i share it with you !! I hope you'll like it, good DL !

PlayStore's Description:

This application contains 7 widgets that display lots of informations about your cpu, your ram, your battery and many usefull toggle.
It also contains notifications features to keep all the informations you need visible.

CPU: - Global Frequency and frequency by core
- Enable/Disable core on Tegra 3 device
- Percentage of overall use and use of core
- Maximum and minimum frequency
- Temperature (if compatible)
- Number of core enabled
- Number of process running
- BogoMips
- Frequency Stats

RAM - memory used and available
- Percentage of use

Battery: - Percentage of the state of charge
- Temperature
- Voltage
- Techonology
- Status

Toggle: - enable / disable wifi
- Enable / disable bluetooth
- Enable / disable data on 3G
- Enable / disable GPS
- Control the brightness of the screen



2.0 - New UI
- More responsive
- Bugless
- Add a brand new home page
- Add page about me
- Add CPU governor in CPU info

Anfo Premium

*** What is the difference between anfo and anfo premium? ***
-> Theme
-> Overclock
-> Power manager
-> core stats for tegra 3 devices
-> Toggle widget improvement

PlayStore's link:
Anfo premium: