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    Default [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking

    Hello everyone !

    I would like to present you Breathe Now - Stop smoking, an app to track smoking consumption and help to quit.

    Features :
    - Interactive charts
    - Messages of support
    - The weather of your consumption
    - Statistics to be informed
    - Achievements to unlock
    - Share your progress

    It's a free app with ads.
    Available in english and french.

    Playstore Link :

    [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking-unnamed4.png

    [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking-unnamed5.png

    If you have suggestions, feedbacks, feel free to send me.

    Thanks !
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    Default Re: [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking

    Thanks for sharing. Can the monetary units be changed?

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    Default Re: [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking

    Yes, you can change it to $ for example.
    It's in Settings, then Currency.
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    Default Re: [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking

    Looks good, thank you for sharing. I will download it for my father. He is a heavy smoker!
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    Default Re: [FREE][APP] Breathe Now - Stop Smoking

    LOL, very funny app. I download it now . Thank

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