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    ** Are you tired that your navigation screen is gone each time you receive a call? **

    ** Are you tired of entering your password to unlock the "lock screen" every time you end a call? **

    google play link:

    Run "NavigUP" ,select navigation app from your phone and start enjoy the magic !!!

    "NavigUP" is a simple and brilliant application that let you drive, navigate and talk with absolutely no interference.

    "NavigUP" automatically brings any navigation app screen on top, no matter if you get an incoming call or you make an outgoing call.

    "NavigUP" Allows 2 modes of actions:

    ★Manual mode:
    Run "NavigUP" before you start navigates with your navigation app.

    ★Auto mode:
    "NavigUP" will be launch just once and from now on will do its "magic" without need to launch the app again.

    Application features:
    ★Navigation screen automatically become on top when you answer an incoming call.

    ★Navigation screen automatically become on top when you make an outcoming call.

    ★When you end a call, Navigation screen will keep appearing on top and no more back to "lock screen".

    ★"NavigUp" gives the option to choose the amount of seconds before getting the navigation screen on top.
    This option let the user the time to do some actions on the "call screen" if he likes. For example: select speaker after answering the call.
    2 seconds is the default and recommended time

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    google play link:


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    DreamBit Team,
    visit us at: Products - DreamBit
    03-31-2014 08:17 PM
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    Good idea. I think it's so helpful. I'll try it
    05-06-2014 10:25 AM

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