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    Letting you know when your data connection is fast enough.

    Notifying you when your device has a 4G data connection.

    4G LTE notifications.
    Custom notification sounds supported.
    Option to enable or disable vibration.
    Option to enable or disable HSPA+ notifications.
    View when your device last connected to 4G/LTE.

    Great for alerting you when you have a 4G/LTE data connection in a patchy/poor coverage location or alerting you when your network service provider has upgraded you to 4G and your device first connects to that 4G.

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    05-08-2014 09:06 AM
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    Cool idea. Thanks fort sharing.
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    05-08-2014 09:53 AM
  3. SmilerOnline's Avatar

    The app now also offers 'no data' alerts:
    05-14-2014 02:55 AM

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