hi there,

i am working with dolphin in an acer iconia tablet.
i don't know how this browser was installed.
maybe, this browser was installed with default settings.
i have to detect dolphin with javascript.
i tried user agent, and it says dolphin or dolfin or dolphine, nowhere.
navigator javascript object says Mozilla and Netscape for appName or appCodeName.
maybe, i can based myself with a combination of reading Mozilla, Android 3.x and Netscape, to know if this a dolphin browser.
however, what unique string will tell me this is a dolphin browser?
maybe, this unique string is in its user agent, or maybe it is a substring.
i have to know if this browser is dolphin, instead of for example safari, because if it is dolphin i have to say nothing to end users, but if it is not dolphin, i have to tell them to please use dolphin. this is only going to happen if the operating system of a tablet is android 3.x.

any help will be appreciated,