I took some pics yesterday with my stock camera (pics of me and my kid on my birthday, so they're somewhat sentimental). I tried to upload some using Friendcaster (since Facebook's app sucks) and 3 loaded fine but the 4th didn't load at all. Got hung up. Couldn't upload it with another app either. After it quit trying and said that the upload failed I went to the gallery to try again. I pressed the pic, pressed the Share link, and my finger slipped on the screen - at which point, it appears, not only that picture but two others disappeared. No prompts to delete or anything. I know on a PC there is the Recycle Bin, and I would imagine that on my phone (HTC Thunderbolt) that there is a cache, temp file, or something that might have stored those pictures. Would be really nice to get them back. Any ideas are appreciated.

And FYI - I don't know if this was a Gallery thing, a phone thing, a Friendcaster thing, or what.... or just some crazy fluke. Thanks for the help!