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"Nokia has announced its latest strategy pertaining to its trademark Nokia Maps service by re-branding it as “Here” and launching beyond the Windows Phone platform. Here will come to iPhone/iOS as a dedicated maps app, whereas Android will get an open source developers kit, so that developers can use Here data on native maps applications. Here will also feature a web-version supporting Firefox OS in the coming year.


Nokia is keeping its fingers crossed to launch Here on iOS before the approval of Google Maps for the platform. As for the Android OS, a date for the developers’ kit has not been confirmed yet."

Hmm, so Nokia maps is available now on Windows Phone and on Amazon's kindle right out of the box and soon will have an app for iOS. There is definitely a hole to be filled on the iOS camp when it comes to Maps, as Apple Maps has disappointed many and they are all looking for alternative solutions. I really hope that Apple does not holds out approving the Google Maps app for iOS out of spite while giving the Nokia maps a pass to come out first.