Learning a language requires constant practice and frequent revision Two new mobile apps from English Workouts enable learners to update their knowledge and perfect their skills on the go.

A mastery of the irregular verbs is essential not only to using past and perfect tenses but also to forming conditionals, passives and reported speech. VerbBusters provides a complete set of resources, including a quiz type activity on six levels of difficulty, verb lists with native language translations and a searchable database which allows users to hear the pronunciation of almost 180 of the most and least common irregular verbs.
It can be used in English-English or Native Language-English modes and currently fully supports Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Phrasal verbs (find out, break down, put up with) represent a real barrier for many English learners owing to a lack of clear learning pathways.
PhrasalVerbWorkout sets out to provide these paths by using a category based approach, with verbs organised in small groups which share an adverb and a general meaning. These are presented with their corresponding examples and definitions and then practised in short multiple choice tests or workouts. An extensive database allows searches by verb, adverb or preposition and contains more than two thousand examples handpicked from literature, popular music and cinema. Supplementary notes on semantics and syntax complete a comprehensive set of practice and reference resources for students from core up to advanced levels.

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