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    Default Re: Send/Receive text messages on a tablet(without a phone)

    Don't know if this helps but have you tried textfree it now supports tablets it gives you a phone number I was using it on my ipod touch & also on my nexus 7 wifi...
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    Default 9378294917

    Hey Baby its me I was just checking to see that you're OK you can send it back I set it up to where it goes in your email address so please send me back and let me know everything's going okay
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    Default Re: Send/Receive text messages on a tablet(without a phone)

    Daemoch, what do you mean with:
    "SMS is a US standard that stands for Short Message System. It was a government mandate that was put in place over a decade ago here and which's cost of implementation were subsidized by the tax payers (don't ask why we had to pay to use it then; that's a long legal argument). It was originally designed to carry very short (60 character) messages during times of emergency.
    Because of these points, it does not exist the same in other countries (eg. the EU) and it is directly tied to an actual phone number."
    I'll quote wikipedia:
    "The first proposal which initiated the development of SMS was made by a contribution of Germany and France into the GSM group meeting in February 1985 in Oslo."

    AFAIK neither France, Germany or Norway are part of the US. I know you can't trust everything on wikipedia, but since SMS does exist in other countries I suggest you get your facts straight. When you enter a new country (atleast inside the EU) you get a SMS with the prices for different services.
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