So. my N4 is finally shipping.
Hooray for me... I am currently using an iPhone, so I will be new to the world of android (specific) apps and am wondering what the good android alternatives are.

I love how expansive the podcast library is in the iTunes store, and how easy it is to subscribe.
Is there an android solution for this? If there is not an equatable Android podcast store or something, is there an app I could use that will take all my unplayed podcasts from my iTunes, sync them to my N4, mark them as played when I have listened to them, and sync them back to my iTunes so that they are marked as played on my iTunes and will not be synced to my N4 next time?

Basically, I listen to allot of audiobooks, and podcasts, and I want that experience to be as seemless as possible.
Consolidating allot of MP3 files into one book folder and playing them seamlessly while leaving a bookmark is a big plus.
Also, this player would need to have the option to play podcasts and audiobooks at X2 speed. And preferably at X1.5 speed as well.