Air File Browser
Latest Version: 1.0
Genre: Productivity, Utility, File Manager
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Air File Browser is best File Browser or File Explorer you will find in the market.
With Air File Browser, you can access all your files & folders on a single screen. With vertical scrolling and horizontal swipe gestures, you will get to access all your files with few gestures of your fingers. Exploring files would never have been so easy.
Files in Grid View as in Astro file manager is good, but the navigation among files becomes very difficult when there are lots of files & folders. Then again, keeping track of them while navigation & carrying out file operations becomes even more difficult. We wanted to develop a solution, which will bring all your files & folders at your fingertips. We believe, with Air File Browser, we have addressed this.
The significant part of Air File Browser is its UI. Using vertical scroll, you can navigate between a list of files & folders and when you click any folder, the content within it branches into its adjacent columns. Its more like Finder for mac. We adapted this UI from our AirStream app. With over 1000 downloads in 2 weeks, we got very positive reviews about its UI and even demands whether the same UI can be used for file management. Then we thought why not give our users a even better experience in file browsing. So here, we present to you Air File Browser.
Link for AirStream:

1. All your files & folders on a single screen at your finger tips
2. File operation like copy, move, delete & info made incredibly easy
3. Lightest file browser in the market
4. No ads

Future Enhancements:
-To integrate with Social sharing options.
-Cloud storage facility.
-Integration with current app AirStream

Install to SD:

You can download this app for free at Google Play Store. Search Air File Browser on Google Play Store.