Hello everyone,

I have already finished an Android app, and i would like to know your opinion. I really hope you like it, and of course any suggestion is always welcome.

Have you ever forgotten where did you keep something important?

Your car keys, documents, your watch, batteries, sun glasses, etc are things that we often leave anywhere and later we cannot remember where we kept them.
Where is my stuff (wims) is an application that will help you with your absents, your memory or just to let you organize better..

Thanks to wims, when you keep something you will be able to save it to the application with the following ways of use:
- Record your voice explaining where did you keep your stuff
- Take a photo of the place where you kept your stuff

This way all your things will be saved to a list and then you will be able to know their location.

You can also use wims like as a reminder tool, saving tasks to be done, saving addresses, or any kind of information, etc.

You will never forget where you kept your stuff anymore! The wims pro version gets the rid of ads.

Here are the links to google play

Free version:

Pro version: