I have only had my phone a few days and it is an upgrade from my LG Voyager that I have had for ever. I am learning some things but some things are bugging me. The first one is an error that I get when I am trying to set up my gmail account on the phone. I enter my user name and password and hit "next" it says processing and then a warning box opens and says "503 80383: PIN expired. What does this mean? I can log in on my laptop no problem.

The other thing is the clock weather thing on the home screen. I dont think I can get it to truly show the weather for the current location. When I first turned it on it grabbed my current location and it worked well. Then I notice it would say current location but it was a city that is close to me but not my city. I tried to fix it for a day or so with no luck and now it just says current location but no city name but I am pretty sure it is still for the city that I am close to and not really my current location. I know this sounds like a petty problem - But just bugs me.