So, here's my dilemma: I'm fed up with Play Music, it glitches up like crazy on my device and I'd prefer the freedom of using any player I want. However, the reason I use Play is because it syncs instantly with my iTunes/Amazon MP3. Which is not to say that I use either currently, but that it would be ungodly time consuming to round up all my songs individually and transfer them on my device. My music folders/files are literally scattered all over my laptop, in various archived files and download folders created over the years; since these songs are already collectivized on iTunes, it was a cinch using Play.

Is there any way to migrate the "cache music storage" from Play Music, onto my phone's music folder, so that I can use any music player from that point on? Or would switching to another player mean that I have to physically collect and move files (again, all of which are scattered) from my laptop? Thanks!