Hello all,

I've been working really hard on an arcade/reflex/puzzle application for quite a few months which is available on Google Play and the Amazon App store.

The premise is as follows: You are given a control block with 4 colors, and must shift and rotate your control block to match colors flying onto the screen with your own while also evading black holes and collecting items. It has all original graphics, music, sound and a game concept that is original to its core.

My goal had been to make a much more console-like experience with nice animations and interactivity(and good music/sound) without killing the battery. I hadn't promoted it until now because I really wanted to polish it and make sure it was ready as I'm just a single graduate student(along with an artist helping out) doing most of the work here and the game engine was built from scratch.

I'd really appreciate any comments(or praise, gripes, constructive criticism, etc).

Anyway, check it out; I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your time!

You can find it at:
@Amazon App Market(1 version behind at the moment)