I'm not sure if I can do what i'm looking for but figured this is the place to find out.. .

I just picked up a Galaxy Note 2 which is primarlily my work phone but I do use it for some personal things too. I have a few things which come in via SMS alerts that I need to just view and delete so the first thing I'm looking for is something which offers customizable tones and vibration alerts. (the tones is the easy part since I can set that via the address book) but the vibration in the stock app isn't something I can change based on the sender.

Ideally what i'd like is 2 seperate apps, once for work messages, and a 2nd for personal messages. i've seen a few apps in the parket place which allows me to whitelist/blacklist specifc senders or mark them as private, which would work but they all require some sort of passcode to get in. I dont mind that but its not necessary to be that hidden. Apps like Chomp, Handcent, Go SMS and others replace the default app - I'm hoping to find something that works in conjunction with it so the work alerts can be sent there and then I can flag a few of my personal contacts and have them send to this other app.

I'd use Google Voice but it doesn't support MMS and it gets to be a pain when I tell people "if you're sending a picture send it here, if its just words go here.."

Has anyone come across anything like this? Even if its a privacy app as long as theres a way to disable or bypass having to enter some security code (or set it so I only have ot enter it once ever XX hours) and works with MMS I'd love to try it out.