It is hard to succeed in learning a foreign language without working on vocabulary. The more foreign words we know, the easier for us grammar and communication with foreigners.

The most difficult thing in learning foreign languages is to find the time for continuous and systematic enrichment of vocabulary.
Using LearnWords to study, you do not need to find time in your schedule to come to the classrooms, to carry heavy dictionaries and stacks of vocabulary cards.

Learn Words is always in your phone or tablet, therefore, always with you and ready to help in learning foreign languages.

Application LearnWords is in a simple form of a game that will help you without much effort not only to retain the vocabulary that you already have, but to expand it as well, by studding and remembering new words, and to learn how to use new phrases and expressions that previously seemed difficult to remember and use every day.

Product Feature List

User with any level of knowledge of foreign language can find some interesting and useful tasks.

Even if you know a foreign language very well, LearnWords would offer you rarely used words and phrases that would make your speech more colorful, accurate and pretty close to a native speaker.

For beginners there is a help. Having the ability to hear the studied words, allows using LearnWords in the earliest stages of learning foreign languages, remembering not only the spelling and meaning of words, but also the correct pronunciation.

Tasks in LearnWords match the current level of the users active vocabulary and allow the gradual complication, with the improvement of knowledge. The form of a learning game used in LearnWords, can keep your focus on results, increasing the efficiency of memorizing words, preventing a sense of obsessional learning.

LearnWords provides access to the study of 9 language pairs:

  • English-Russian
  • German-Russian
  • German-English
  • French-Russian
  • French-English
  • Czech-Russian
  • Czech-English
  • Korean-Russian
  • Korean-English.

The development team is constantly working to add new features necessary to improve the efficiency of learning and to extend the possibility of using LearnWords. Dictionaries of LearnWords regularly replenish and update in the phone without requiring any additional effort from the user.

Thank you for reading!