I'm trying to create a homescreen shortcut to a KeePassDroid (KPD) database file stored in my Dropbox. I know how to create shortcuts to Dropbox folders (which is my workaround for now), but is there a way to create a shortcut to a specific file on Dropbox?

I've tried doing this through ES Explorer, but looks like it doesn't create shortcuts for this type of a file.

Ideally though, I'd like to launch the KPD app and edit my database in there without getting the Dropbox interface involved. But as far as I can tell, KPD doesn't have an "internal" way of fetching database files directly from Dropbox: I have to open my file "externally" through Dropbox, which then gets recognized by KPD and stored on my device. However, this stored file does not update with each sync. To get the latest version of the file, I have to get it from Dropbox, which I assume overwrites the previous copy.

I'd appreciate any help towards resolving this (first world) problem.

(I have non-rooted GS3 SGH-T999v, 4.1.1)