please find my below requirements and give me your fee structure for 2
people and need to come to Mysore and teach us for 2 days.

> 1. On Android code Installation and Customization into Tablet
> PC(Stock/Custom OS installation). Stock and custom OS creation for our
> device according our needs.
> 2. Rooting & Boot Loader unlock and Boot Image load on to my device as per
> my requirement
> 3. IMEI Number Flashing into my device without any third party Hardware or
> Software device
> 4. Splash Image Modification
> 5. Android code modification like (like communication(wifi/bluetooth)
driver part removal from OS code)

We should become Perfect in all the above tasks. These tasks are general
and we want to learn core android code information. we might use any
android Tablet, we should be able to install stock/Custom OS to it. These
all we should want to learn in the development way not by using any third
party tool which works only for some devices.

*Note:* We don't need just theory part. We have devices and we will try
all the above tasks on those.

Once we complete this then later we can plan for android app development