Introducing the all new very handy calculator! It will be useful to students and researchers, as well as all those who have to work to engage non-numeric computation.
Requires Android 2.1 or higher!

This calculator provides the following features:
1. Standard calculation
2. Calculation using different functions (trigonometric, inverse trigonometric supported)
3. Calculations using variables with user-defined values. You can set variable to numeric value or to another expression (like "sin(x)+2*cos(x)).
4. Calculaion using variables without values (expression calculation).
5. Calculation with user-defined precision

Available functions
Trigonometric (radians):
Inverse trigonometric (result in radians):
sin(x), acos(x),atg(x),actg(x),
abs(x), exp(x),log(x, y),ln(x),log2(x),log10(x)

This application is in beta-test mode. If an error occurs, please notify the author by email
Download page: