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    Red face [Dec 2013] Some new Android apps worth checking out

    Just want to share with you some nice apps out there that seem quite unsung (probably because they are new?).

    1. Cool Alarm () - A pretty nice alarm clock that includes most features users want but without the hassle of going through 10 pages of settings. Highly customizable yet reasonably light-weighted. The app is even considerate in having a "Quick Nap" shortcut button on the main screen for users to set an alarm in 2 clicks with default settings. Thoughtful.

    2. Recorder with Tags Lite () - A beautifully designed recorder app. Like Cool Alarm, this is not something you cannot get from native Android apps, but with tagging, searching through an audio log has never been easier.

    3. Nakama () - It's another pixel game but you cannot believe how cute it is until you have tried it. Smooth gameplay and rightfully diffcult, Nakama is a game really worth a try. By the way, the protagonist looks like a pixelated Naruto, I wonder if that's the developers intention.

    That's all for now, have a good one!
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    Default Re: [Dec 2013] Some new Android apps worth checking out

    Thanks for sharing!
    Live long and prosper.

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