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    Default APP [2.3+] HighLighter for Android

    HighLighter is the first app, that allows you to efficiently HighLight / Annotate / Mark, elements on your android device.
    But the special is, that HighLighter creates an always on top button on your homescreen when being active, no matter which app is running besides, the HighLighter button will always stay on top.
    As soon as the button gets pressed, HighLighter creates a kind of transparency on your display, allowing you to HighLight / Annotate / Mark on it.
    The advantages of HighLighter are:

    [+] Allows you to annotate / highlight on your whole android system.
    [+] You don't need to create a screenshot to annotate ( Press the Button and annotate / highlight anywhere ).
    [+] Easy to use, because of the always on top buttons.
    [+] Save your annotations by doing a screenshot, while HighLighter is running.

    APP [2.3+] HighLighter for Android-txtmark.jpgAPP [2.3+] HighLighter for Android-notification_en.pngAPP [2.3+] HighLighter for Android-allopen.jpg
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    Default Re: APP [2.3+] HighLighter for Android

    Very interesting idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

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