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    Red face [Tool]Privacy Protector (AppLock) - protect your applications and personal data

    Privacy Protector (AppLock) is the best app locker or app protector that will protect your applications and personal data in your smart phone. App Lock also can lock your data such as pictures, SMS messages, and videos. AppLock will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!(Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype and any app you choose)
    ✔ Protects(Locks) installed Apps using password(PIN or Words) and pattern
    ✔ Locks screen brightness and Locks screen rotation
    ✔ Locks incoming calls and outgoing calls

    It is safe when:
    ✔ Some one borrows your phone to take a look (time, weather or news...)
    ✔ You lost your phone in the office , cafe or school.
    ✔ Your kids wants to play games, changes the settings or messes it up.

    ■ Tag : app lock, app locker, app protector, password, pattern, pin, gesture, screen lock, rotation lock, app manager, safe, security, secure, sms lock, message lock, whatsapp lock, gallery lock, image lock, picture lock, photo lock, video lock

    Download it now to protect your phone...
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    Always a good thing to have. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: [Tool]Privacy Protector (AppLock) - protect your applications and personal data

    Happy holidays,
    New updates - 1) screen off protection 2) recommend selection 3) More backgrounds...

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