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    Thumbs up [Free][Game] Best games for Love Test – Love Calculator

    Hi friends,
    If you like Love Games, then you should try these best love test games that I’ve tried. They’re fun, good graphics and help you check your love compatibility with your partner and more. Now let’s try them:

    1/ Love Test (Love Calculator)

    Help you check your love’s compatibility based on 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 Chinese signs of the zodiac. Just input your birthday and your partner’s birthday, and then result will be shown quickly and accurately. Moreover, Love Test (Love Calculator) includes:
    ♥ ღ Your Partner: everything you want to know about your partner (characteristic, emotion, happiness, favorite, horoscope, sexual type, love life…)
    ♥ ღ Love Quizzes: A lot of interesting love quizzes will help you find out the true nature and assess the quality of your relationship
    ♥ ღ Golden Love: golden rules to perfect your relationship, including Best love advices, love rules, love tips…
    ♥ ღ Share your love’s compatibility, golden love, result of love quizzes via E-mail, Sms, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp

    2/ Love Test Calculator:

    An extraordinary tool that gives you the keys to a successful relationship.
    It's very simple! Enter your names and birthdates to find out more about your destiny and compatibility.
    And for more and more fun, please try:
    ♥ ღ A 60-question test on three themes (happiness, trust, intimacy)
    ♥ ღ Summer challenge : play it with your lover
    ♥ ღ Tender words. Send them via Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter
    ♥ ღ Golden rules to help you become more romantic

    3/ Love Test Astro Horoscope:

    Just enter the names and birthdays of you and your friend and this app calculates how good your zodiac signs fit togehter. After the calculation it returns a love score and a little sentence to predict your day.
    Don't be sad if you and your sweetheart got a bad score. The stars are moving! Because of that the score changes everyday. Just like your mood.
    Caution: This is just a fun app! This app can not predict the future. Don't take the results serious. It is just a funny game
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    Default Re: [Free][Game] Best games for Love Test – Love Calculator

    Different idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

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