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    Default Lightflow Issue Galaxy Note 3 (TMobile)

    Hello all,

    I had been using No LED for a while on my Galaxy Note 2 but switched over to Lightflow custom LED application on my Note 3. In general, I love it. Getting alerts for SMS, Email, Reddit, Facebook, etc.

    Here's the one tiny issue I'm having. When I get a text, the SMS LED works fine but when I get multiple texts, the light for SMS then turns off. I'm using stock messaging for texts and can't figure out why this would be.

    I've tried a bunch of settings and I can't seem to fix it. This isn't an issue with other apps as for example if I get multiple emails, the Gmail notification stays on through them. All testing works fine but essentially my problem is the SMS LED works fine with one text, but once I get two texts, it turns off. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Lightflow Issue Galaxy Note 3 (TMobile)

    I tried using Lightflow on my Xperia handset, but the LED notifications where a no-go. I've finally found a solution that works, even if my phone doesn't support all the LED colors available in the software, those that my phone has, do work.

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