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    Default What is a preferred app for FTP?

    I am a relatively new Android user and am looking for a good FTP app for Android. I work for a business that has multiple websites so I do some relatively heavy FTP use such as downloading files, uploading files, and editing files. There seems to be so many in the Google Play store. Are there certain ones I should look into for the type of use I'm looking for? Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: What is a preferred app for FTP?

    if they are free, the best way is to just try them out. I have Turbo FTP on my Nexus 10. does the job well in my opinion.
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    Default Re: What is a preferred app for FTP?

    I just downloaded and tried FTPCafe recently. Free and appears to do everything you'd expect from a good ftp client. I've been pretty happy with it so far, although my use isn't incredibly heavy at this point.


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