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    Default [APP] Web Source Dev

    Hi i show you our new app; Web Source Dev.
    Simple, powerful tool to view the HTML source and more for Android!!

    The complete version:
    ✔ Source HTML
    ✔ Personal project HTML/CSS
    ✔ View response header
    ✔ View response status
    ✔ HTTP/HTTPS support
    ✔ Media
    ✔ Editor HTML
    ✔ Editor CSS
    ✔ Syntax Highlight for HTML
    ✔ Save the edit HTML and see the effects in the Web View
    ✔ Web View
    ✔ Web CSS View
    ✔ HTML Validation of the website
    ✔ Share source header and web view
    ✔ Personal and kind support
    ✔ More and more
    [APP] Web Source Dev-device-2014-01-30-145509.png

    [APP] Web Source Dev-device-2014-01-30-145748.png

    [APP] Web Source Dev-device-2014-01-30-145642.png


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    Default Re: [APP] Web Source Dev

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: [APP] Web Source Dev

    for a limit period i set the complete app FREE:

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    Default Re: [APP] Web Source Dev

    any comment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FelasTech View Post
    any comment?
    Is there anything 'fun' we can do with this app instead of just looking at some letters and numbers, you'll have to excuse me if I sound a bit hard to please...

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