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    Default [GAME] Greedy Squirrel - Collect the Candy!

    [GAME] Greedy Squirrel - Collect the Candy!-greedy-squirrel-icon.png

    Hi android central!
    I want to announce a game I've been working on. It's about a greedy squirrel who loves hoarding candy.
    Play it for free and see what score you can get.
    This game is aimed at android mobile devices, watch the video below.
    Thanks =D

    [GAME] Greedy Squirrel - Collect the Candy!-screen1.png
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    Default Re: [GAME] Greedy Squirrel - Collect the Candy!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: [GAME] Greedy Squirrel - Collect the Candy!

    No problem!

    This game supports android devices 2.2 and up, small to medium screens (large will also work however).


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