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    Default Stress buster android app

    Hi Guys,

    Check out the new and amazing app in google store. Do rate and review it if you like it. Hope you guys love it.

    Stress buster android app-ss_05.pngStress buster android app-ss_03.png

    ******* How to Play*******
    - Tilt phone to move the monkey.
    - Tap on phone to grab banana from monkey's tail.
    - Grab as much coins as possible to redeem life later
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    Default Re: Stress buster android app

    Thanks for sharing. Hope it does well in Play.

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    Default Re: Stress buster android app

    Thanks Golfdriver97. This is the 1st version of my game. Do let me know your reviews. Its very important for me to make this game more and more interesting..I will be updating it soon with lots of other new features..

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