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    Default I would pay $20 for "x" app if it existed...

    Mine would be a video editor that is as capable a iMovie.

    Please list your apps that you might pay $20 for.
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    Default Re: I would pay $20 for "x" app if it existed...

    I would pay 20 bucks for an app that costs 20 bucks! But on a serious note, maybe an Android Launcher replacement with a simplistic UI that brings character to the table. Go Launcher EX is nice, and Themer is nice too for changing the look.
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    Default Re: I would pay $20 for "x" app if it existed...

    Been tempted to shell out $15 for Final Fantasy....that is about as close as I can get...Lol

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    Default Re: I would pay $20 for "x" app if it existed...

    I like the idea of this thread
    Hmm, I would $20 for an app that would keep a PIN password on my phone when of knew I wasn't using it. If someone else picked it up, it would stay locked

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