Have you ever put your phone in silent mode and missed important calls because you forgot to turn on the volume? No more missed calls!
'SM+' automatically restores from the silent/vibration mode.

Silent Mode+ [SM+] - Automatically Restore from the Silent/Vibration Mode-5244d1392303228-app-silent-mode-sm-automatically-restore-silent-vibration-mode-screenshot1_1.png

Major feature:
Before a movie starts, put your phone into silent mode and set 2 hours in SM+. SM+ will restore the volume in 2 hours.

You can schedule to have your device to go into silent mode automatically at a specific time (e.g. Silent mode between 1:00am - 5:00am for an uninterrupted sleep)

Don't Miss Urgent Calls*
You will never miss urgent calls even in silent mode. When the same number calls 3 times within 5 minutes, the third incoming call will ring with the maximum volume.

* Paid-version-only-features