I use Axcrypt on Windows to encrypt some files that are in my cloud storage. It's very usable, when you want to open an encrypted file, for instance a spreadsheet, you double click on it and after providing the password your spreadsheet opens, using a temporary unencrypted copy that is stored outside of the cloud folder, after you edit and close the modified file is encrypted and replaced in the original location, the temporary file is shredded.

Axcrypt isn't available for Android. Is there something that is equally easy to work with that works on both Windows and Android. I had a look at AES Crypt (Windows) with Crypt4all (Android). It appeared awkward in comparison. I'd have to move the file to local storage on Android, then decrypt, work with it, encrypt it and move it back to cloud storage sync folder.

Can anyone suggest a slick experience similar to the one I described with Axcrypt on Windows?


FYI - Axcrypt can be found at