Problem to solve:
I am looking for an app while I grocery shop that will mimic a store's cash register so I can prevent a spending overage when at the checkout lane.
I want to be able to scan an item's barcode with my phone, and then have it add the item to my list and add the cost of the item (that I key in) to the overall total and the total include sales tax (need ability to set the sales tax parameter via "settings")

What I am using now:
I am using the app "Simple Tax Calculator" from the Google Playstore. It does everything I need it to do....except barcode scanning.
With "Simple Tax Calculator", I have to type in a description (not ok; --bad) and key in the item cost (this is ok).

What I am looking for: app like "Simple Tax Calculator", but that also includes barcode scanning to obtain the description of the item.
(manually keying in the cost of the item is ok)

Any assistance is appreciated...... thanks.
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(Sidenote on the barcode scanning:
I use "MyFitnessPal" as a food log. I can scan the food item's barcode and ..voila! No typing necessary...I love that! I just put in the qty of that item and its done!)