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    Default [FREE][NEW] TangTracker


    The only trusted mobile phone tracking and monitoring application developed on 3 main principles i.e. Trust, Honesty and Transparency. Tangtracker allows for the tracking and monitoring of text messages, calls, internet web history and GPS location.
    Tangtracker is the latest innovation on Android that will help parents and matured adults to be more proactive rather than reactive in keeping their children safe and protected online. It will also help nurture a trusted relationship between parents and their children.
    Tangtracker allows a parent-user link with a linked-user. This is by sending a request to the linked-user and the linked-user accepting the request.
    Who is a parent-user? A parent-user is an individual who will/ has purchased the Tangtracker app which will enable them to monitor and track different activities carried out by the linked-user on their smart phones.
    Who is a linked-user? A linked-user is the individual who will be monitored and tracked by the parent-user. They MUST provide their consent by approving the request from the parent-user to link into their phone in order to monitor and track them.

    Download TangTracker free on Google Play Store

    The Tangtracker app allows the parent-user to track and monitor the following from the linked-userís phone:

    ē Text messages (SMS & MMS) received by or sent from the linked-userís phone based on pre-defined keywords by the system admin and parent-user. This functionality is integrated with the linked-userís contact list so that you identify the phone numbers by the names stored on the linked-userís phone.
    ē Calls received and made by the linked-user. In this case, based on pre-defined parameters, the parent-user will get notifications when a particular number has called the linked-user more than X times where X = any number more than 2 (a pre-defined number stated by the parent-user). This functionality is integrated with the linked-userís contact list so that you identify the phone numbers by the names stored on the linked-userís phone.
    ē Linked-user location where ever they are, provided that they are connected to their phone GPS and internet or Wi-Fi. Records are kept of where the linked-user was offline to provide breadcrumbs location information allowing parents to locate your children at any time.
    ē The browser history on the linked-userís phone to know which online sites they have visited on their phones based on pre-defined keywords by the system admin and parent-user.
    ē The linked-user is also able to send distress signals to the parent-user when they need help.
    It is important to stress the fact that a parent will only be able to track and monitor the activities carried out on a childís phone ONLY with their consent. Also, parents do not have full access to the childís activities to give the child a level of privacy e.g. parents will only see text messages with pre-defined keywords by them or the system admin.
    A parent-user can link to more than one linked-user and a linked-user can link to more than one parent-user.
    To use Tangtracker, install the app on your phone and ensure you complete the required registration process and send a link request to the linked-user. Ensure the linked-user has the primary e-mail account on their android phone as a Gmail account.
    Compared to many other monitoring app solutions, Tangtracker does not just forward messages to your phone via SMS; it stores the messages on a secured remote server that you can access at anytime.
    Tangtracker app is a product of DeSobra Limited which is a UK based company.
    There is no additional cost accrued outside your normal monthly phone subscription.
    Tangtracker is now available to all parents and anyone responsible to take care of children and other vulnerable people. It is time you start to protect your children online. Tangtracker is the complete online safety solution to protect your loved ones.
    30-day FREE trial followed by £6.99 yearly subscription

    Screenhots and video

    Download Now
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    Default Re: [FREE][NEW] TangTracker

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks for sharing.

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