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    Default Panoramio Uploader --Where is it?

    I can no longer find an app which allows me to upload a picture from my gallary to panoramio. Does anyone know how to do this?

    The old app was named Panoramio Uploader by Google, and it worked great. I purchased a new phone with ICS (SG3), and I can no longer install this file. I can't even find it in the market.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Panoramio Uploader --Where is it?

    The reason you can't find it in the app market is because it's not compatible with your phone.

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    Default Re: Panoramio Uploader --Where is it?


    If the app no longer exists, could someone please redirect me to a similar app.
    Or else, please tell me how can I upload my pics straight to Panoramio/Google maps/Google(My maps)
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    Default Re: Panoramio Uploader --Where is it?

    In the Play Store there is a new app "Easy Panoramio Upload". The main idea is the same but it's a lot easier to use and automatically finds the GPS location if you want.

    The app costs 0.99usd and that's fine - it's preventing Panoramio from flooding it with low quality photos.

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