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    Default Google+ High CPU Usage

    For a while now Watchdog Lite has been alerting me several times a day that Google+ has high CPU usage. Usually it's between 50 and 62% on my Thunderbolt. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Default Re: Google+ High CPU Usage

    I'm getting exactly the same thing, even in the middle of the night when I've got wifi etc off it's popping up with 51% CPU usage on my One S running Venom.
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    Default Re: Google+ High CPU Usage

    My battery life improved dramatically after disabling Google+

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    Default Re: Google+ High CPU Usage

    Any solutions for this yet (asides from uninstalling)? Really irritating
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    Default Re: Google+ High CPU Usage

    Same thing here. Watchdog constantly alerts me of it. I've whitelisted it for now. It only started happening for me when I upgraded from CM 10 to CM 10.1. And even then it started only after I re-enabled instant upload (which was disabled at first).

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