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    Default Voice Update- Screwed me over

    OK, so I have been using google voice for texting and voicemail. I have no text plan on my phone.

    The update is requiring my phone to send a text through my carrier (ATT) to set up voice. As I have no text plan and have texting blocked through ATT, the set up can not complete.

    Is there some way around this?
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    Default Re: Voice Update- Screwed me over

    I have no text plan with AT&T either but I simply pay per usage (I didn't know you could have them blocked). So I use GV as well, but don't recall having to have a text sent to my phone. Is this on initial setup? Perhaps I've just forgotten.
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    Default Re: Voice Update- Screwed me over

    Just call AT&T, get pay per use texting, send your text, then call back and have it blocked again.

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