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    Default S3: Need two apps recommendations 1) import contacts to phone 2)custom app brightnes

    Quote Originally Posted by zetsui View Post
    hey guys I need two apps
    1. An app that imports contacts that are on my google account or in a go contact vcf files and puts it in my S3 phone storage. Purpose, I want a hard secure back up of my contacts on my phone. Let's say for security reasons (theoretical) I don't want to sync with google servers at all

    .I tried an import app or two from android market but I don't see it in any of the various phone apps as reading under my phone (ie dw contacts, go contacts). I have the contracts backed into google csv and a vcf file. How can I import and export it easily to my external sd card?

    I would typically use go contacts on my bravo, but it bring up a reoccuring (and annoying) error message on S3s, but there doesn't seem to be a dialer out there that imports/exports contacts in a vcf/csv (i'm open format) and doesn't force you to sync to google servers?

    So for instance under DW dialer If I check show phone...my contact list is empty, but if I check my gmail account it populated EVEN if I import the vcf from go contacts or the newly created google csv into my phone using an app like import contacts

    Any recommendations appreciated

    2. I don't use touchwiz and I'm not sure this is a feature for it, but what if I want to easily control the brightness on different apps on my phone. For instance I do most of my kindle reading in the dark, but it requires a good amount of backlight for it...moreso than say browsing or gaming. I know on my cousin's Nexus 7 he can do a 'two finger' up and down to control brightness. Is there a way I could get these apps to control brightness through an easy swipe and or have another app remember the brightness of individual apps?
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    Default Re: S3: Need two apps recommendations 1) import contacts to phone 2)custom app brightnes

    For Brightness I'd recommend Flick Widget from the Google Play Store.

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