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    Default Voice command App that runs in the background?

    Essentially, I am hoping people know of any apps that will run in the background (not on the screen), while I am driving. Currently, I have DailyRoads Voyager & CarHome ultra running while driving. I would like to have one last app run that I can tell commands to (like Vlingo), such as call or text someone, or make notes while driving (all so I don't have to take my eyes off the road). I do like trials/demos of apps (I am pretty damn finicky of how I like things to look/run), but don't mind paying in the end after being able to try (Sorry, but 15 minutes is not enough time, and no guarantee if after that time period if I will be able to get a refund).
    If you can't think of an app that would do this, maybe you can think of something that is an all-in-one. I need something to record video/audio at a minimum and have a nice car screen that I can launch applications from quickly and easily (about 12 links needed total, hopefully only over 2 pages), while being able to voice command to open applications, or call, or text, or make notes.
    With all these apps in the store, I can't believe that someone hasn't made something like this. It really is a no-brainer for people on the go all the time. Thanks for the help ahead of time.

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