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    Default [FREE APP] Rotten Friends - We scary for fun!

    Hello there !

    Rotten Friends

    You can get it from Google Play for free:

    Rotten Friends is a horror-film inspired app. Nothing’s easier and more satisfactory than pulling a prank at a friend by turning him into a zombie or an infernal creature. In case you are tired of tons of cute apps, you love horror or willing to take part in All Hallows Eve – you got the right app.

    Rotten Friends will take you and your friends to the world of horror. Morph into a blood-thirsty vampire, a sexy succubus, luring men to their doom, learn Voodoo magic and rise from the dead, become a scar-covered cold-blooded, bloodlusty maniac, give Satan a high five and humiliate him with the size of your horns and wing-spread.
    Wear a Black Death medic mask from the terror-filled Middle Ages, try on an executioner’s cap, give in to the dark side, for today is the right day.


    - Zombie – Voodoo priests’ unholy magic ritual product from the very heart of the Dark Continent. Zombies and zombies once again! Eat them all!
    - Evil – Creatures of Hell broke free. Create a sinister entourage on your photo!
    - Masks – Frightening masks for Halloween
    - Skin mods – Cover yourself with scary looking scars and cuts, as well as horrifying tattoos
    - Weaponry – weapons of infamous maniacs and torture tools of the Holy Inquisition. Ram the holy cross into heads of the undead!

    Unique features of the app:
    - Easy to master, intuitive photo editor
    - Dozens of unique horror-themed images
    - Edit images in 3D projective with ‘Skew’ tool
    - All images look max real
    - Change your skin and eye color with built-in graphic editor
    - Can edit saved objects multiple times
    - Can use your dark art as a desktop wallpaper
    - Sweet gift for all zombie fans

    Spread the word:
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    - Share via e-mail

    WARNING: Horror content might not be suitable for children and easily impressionable people.
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    Default Re: [FREE APP] Rotten Friends - We scary for fun!

    Rotten Friends v.2013.2 is now available!

    - New FREE image in EVIL group - SLENDER !
    - Facebook uploading now work fine
    - Bugs Fixed
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    Default Re: [FREE APP] Rotten Friends - We scary for fun!

    Get Rotten Friends 4.3 PRO - for FREE!!!
    -Install our new app Screamface - Download
    and your Rotten Friends will upgrade itself to ad and limits free PRO version automatically!
    -Bug Fix.
    -New images - Trollfaces!

    Rotten Friends 4.3 PRO - Download

    [FREE APP] Rotten Friends - We scary for fun!-22.jpg

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